Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boppa Blog Issue 6

“Tenet #4: Live in the Patient’s World: Behavioral Changes” Joanne Koenig Coste (108).

Valentine’s Day
Lorrie and I went to Dad’s Valentine’s Day party on Saturday. The entertainment was Leander, who sings a lot of Motown songs. We sing along and do a little chair dancing. The little lady sitting at the table with Dad is Marion, she is ninety-five, feisty, and funny. It was a fun wintry afternoon.
Today was Tai Chi Tuesday - We exercised for about thirty minutes. Then we looked through the little photo book I brought for Dad of Sam & Aja’s wedding. I had forgotten the envelope with Ceci’s latest photos. I will have to bring them Thursday, when I meet Lorrie and Dad at the Geriatric Clinic for his checkup. This is what caregivers do a lot. There’s always another doctor appointment. And even though the neurologists did not see a change in Dad’s latest CT scan, Lorrie and I have observed a big change in his memory in the last year. Our adventure with Alzheimer’s continues.

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